Faasri facility allows your business to optimize its operations through secure, scalable, and redundant facilities. Colocation solutions offer businesses space and bandwidth for their systems. Businesses are then...

Disaster Recovery

A dedicated disaster recovery site gives you a fully built, power-protected, and secure infrastructure that provides a back-up site in case of emergency; or can act as your primary site to save the costs of operating and maintaining...

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides a vastly more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective way for IT to meet escalating business needs: IT as a service. Faasri data center offers you an evolutionary and practical path to this new model...

Spesification Detail


  • Gross Area: 5000m2 (50,000 ft2)
  • Building Management System
  • Concurrently Maintainable Building
  • Multiple Separated M&E Rooms with redundant AHU units
  • Duel Redundancy Chill Water Chillers System
  • Duel Redundancy Cooling Tower System
  • Duel Redundancy Pomp System
  • Special Design Diesel Generators Room
  • 216.000 Liters Diesel Tanks
  • 100,000 Liters makeup Water Tanks
  • 100,000 Liters Hydrant Water Tanks
  • 100,000 Liters Ground Water Tanks
  • Structure:
    • Re-­enforce Concrete Structure building with Fire resistance walls
    • Earth-­‐Quake Resistance Building up to 8.5 RS
    • 5.0 m slab to slab height
    • Column spacing primarily based on 7 & 8.5m grid
    • Bomb, Bullet & Quake resistance windows
    • Duel Separated & compartmented Risers
    • Passenger/Cargo Lift 1x1.6 tones (2x2 meters internal dimension)
    • Positive Air Intake Building

Data Center Floor

  • Gross Area: 1,320m2 (13,200 ft2)
  • Gross Rise Floor: 1,140m2 (11,400 ft2)
  • Structure:
    • Data Center floor loading of 1 tone
    • Reinforced Concrete Floor with Fire & Water Resistance applied Floor
    • 5 meters slabs to slabs Height Flooring
    • 0.8 meter high 1 ton Raised floor with anti static tiles
    • Duel Feed Chilled water pipe on ring topology Under Raised Floor
    • Duel Feed Zonings Power Distribution System Under Raised Floor
    • Pre Action FM 200 Above & Under Raised Floor
    • Smoke, Heat & water Detection system above & Under Raised
    • Trap man Door applied
    • Redundant Duel Coil CRAC Parameter Cooling
    • Separated Utility from Datacenter Floor
    • State of the art Access Door System
    • State of the art CCTV & Surveillance System


  • 2 Separated Power Feeds to 2 Dry Transformer
  • Form 3B Power Panels System
  • Bus Bar Panel Interconnection
  • N +2 centralized redundant UPS system
  • Battery reserve 15-­‐30 minutes depends on load
  • Individual Rack power outlet (Form 2B)
  • 100% Full backup generating
  • On-­‐site diesel tank support up to 4 days (216.000 liters)

Environmental System

  • N+1 Total Redundancies Water Cool Chiller System
  • N+1 Total Redundancies Chilled Water Piping System
  • N+1 Dual Coil Precision Air Conditioning System
  • Up to 15-­‐30 Minets CWT depends on Load
  • Temperature maintained at 22oC (+/-­2oC)
  • Humidity range of 45% (+/-­10%)

Fire Detection and Suppression

  • Fire and smoke detection sensors above and below raised floor
  • Pre trigger fire fighting system (FM 200, Hydrant)


  • 2 Separated FO Feeders
  • 2 Separated Telco Racks
  • Separate tray
  • Telecommunications Providers Friendly Facilities
  • Meet Me Room

Climate Control

For optimum performance, all equipment is maintained and continuously monitored in a climate-controlled environment. The average room temperature is controlled between 22°C ± 2°C and a humidity level of 50% ± 10%. Multiple air conditioning units provide redundant capacity.

Water Detection

Water detection systems are installed in all areas that may be susceptible to leakage. The water detection alarms are relayed directly to the Faasri  HQ in Jakarta


Faasri  data center buildings are designed as "buildings within buildings," and are protected around the clock by security guards and monitored video surveillance cameras. No one enters or leaves without proof of identity, and all visitors are checked against customer-defined access lists. All building areas are secured by an alarm system, and an external security firm patrols the area, both inside and outside


230V AC and 400V AC, UPS, -48V DC with battery backup providing continual power  Faasri  data centers are backed up by N+1 diesel driven generators with 24 hours fuel storage.


Power cabling is laid under raised anti-static computer flooring. Data cabling is usually in trays overhead, and can also be laid beneath the flooring. Faasri  provides a structured cabling service and supervises your engineer’s work to guarantee quality and flexibility for all customers.

Fire Protection

Fire-retardant walls, early warning laser smoke detectors (underneath and above the flooring), direct lines to fire stations, and automatic gas-based fire suppression systems provide world-class protection against fire.

Office Space

Faasri  can provide shell or turnkey office space at your request. Optionally, office rooms are equipped with desks, chairs and storage cabinets according to your needs. Power and phone/fax lines, as well as conference rooms are also available.

Address info


Jl. Raya Gading Indah no.8 Kav. A4
Kelapa Gading Permai
Jakarta 14240, Indonesia
Ph : +6221-45844088, Fax:+6221-45844080/81


Jl. Guntur Sari IV No 10,
Buah Batu, Bandung
40264 , Indonesia
Ph : +6222-7302837


Jl. Padjadjaran 17
Bogor 16143
West Java Indonesia