Faasri facility allows your business to optimize its operations through secure, scalable, and redundant facilities. Colocation solutions offer businesses space and bandwidth for their systems. Businesses are then...

Disaster Recovery

A dedicated disaster recovery site gives you a fully built, power-protected, and secure infrastructure that provides a back-up site in case of emergency; or can act as your primary site to save the costs of operating and maintaining...

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides a vastly more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective way for IT to meet escalating business needs: IT as a service. Faasri data center offers you an evolutionary and practical path to this new model...


Why choose Faasri data center?

Faasri offersa true Tier IV ready ( running on Tier III operation ) enterprise-class data centers to provide a flexible and scalable foundation for the best in reliable, cost-effective and secure ICT and internet infrastructure..

Highest industry specifications

Our site has been built to exacting standards and provides you with outstanding facilities, security, power, connectivity and value added services.

Carrier neutrality

Faasri offers the freedom to choose your connectivity provider, able to transfer you to one of the many different carriers housed in Faasri data centers at the flick of a switch.

Flexible solutions

Faasri offers tailored to your requirements, with a positive and flexible attitude to meeting your needs, contributing to a rewarding relationship.

Address info


Jl. Raya Gading Indah no.8 Kav. A4
Kelapa Gading Permai
Jakarta 14240, Indonesia
Ph : +6221-45844088, Fax:+6221-45844080/81


Jl. Guntur Sari IV No 10,
Buah Batu, Bandung
40264 , Indonesia
Ph : +6222-7302837


Jl. Padjadjaran 17
Bogor 16143
West Java Indonesia